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 Anthony's GM App

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I madE a Post
I madE a Post

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PostSubject: Anthony's GM App   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:46 am

Name: Anthony


Why You want to be a GM:

i love the sumoning

i can help peoplei no alot about maple and i dont want it to go to waste
making the place more active (i make youtube vids if i like the server alot i wil make 1 about it)

And i hate hackers i hate them so much like why do people have to cheat in the game just play it kool so i wil ban server hackers

also because im very friendly and don’t get mad that easily

I make wicked banners too ill email you 1 if u want.

Why should we pick you: You should pick me because i am smart and i am nice and and i am a outgoing person. I always go that extra mile. and i have alot of gm exp and i am very helpful.

Age: 11 but very smart


Co owner of tempest ms (Left cuz I had a fight with the admin) 2 monthes

Co owner of Lulz ms (Got shut down admin had a lot on his mind and shut down server) 5 monthes

Gm of Anciant Ms and im gonna be honest I got fired (cuz my sister told the admin that he made me pissed becuz he let his little brother and his friend hack and no one else) 1 month

Gm of Xenos Ms(XenosMs not XenosStory) (It just got boring to me to I quit,and they kept threating to strip me of my powers whenever I did something wrong like afk cuz it confuses people.) 3monthes

if i put LL MY CODES IT WOULD TAKE LIKE 999999999999999years cuz i know like 9999999 to read. I can code some Java too and im only in grade 6 when u learn that in like grade 9
I go on ms ALOT seriously im addicted so probly 4-9 hours a day but my computers broken so ill probly get a new 1 by christmas so i wont be on much till then basicly i play alot lolz my friends say im addicted.

I got a good sense of humor.
I play basketball
Im Canadian and English
And I think WTF is with the Twilight movie its good but book is better.
And I read a lot.
My grammar is good when I want it to be.
but I usaly talk somtin like this
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony's GM App   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:32 pm

Readed santa Could you make a video of the new DragonBallsMS

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Anthony's GM App
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