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 DJ-Elite's GM Application

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I madE a Post
I madE a Post

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PostSubject: DJ-Elite's GM Application   Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:38 am

Nicholas Joshua Leete


Why You want to be a GM:
I wish to be a GM Because i believe i can host more events in this server and bring this server to a higher popularity ranking on Xtremetop100.com. I can achieve this with more exciting events for all the public to participate in. I can boost the programming since i have created 5 Private servers before and have been accepted as a GM on 8 Servers.

Why should we pick you:
You should pick me because of my skills in Private server construction that is able to help your server reach the maximum potential it can be. I can help the public have fun on this server and to help them with any problems from NPC issues to Map issues and even Getting started off in the private server and how it works.

My current age is 15

I have created 5 Servers on my own as i stated above. Ive worked on 8 other servers that i was not running and i was the main helper with coding and NPC placement. I helped a little with Map Creation as well.

How long have you been playing DBZMS :
Ive been playing 1 week now.

How much do you know about DBZMS? :
I know my stuff about your NPC's and commands that you use. They are like usual commands for GM's but some public commands are different. I know the positon of all the NPC's as well.

Etc (Anything that would help us know more about you):
Im currently doing 2 IT subjects in Grade 11 now. Those two subjects are IPT and ITS. IPT consists of programming with C++, Visual Basic and Java. ITS mainly consists of Server creation and how to keep a server that is public stable and how to figure out how many ppl it can support before crash. in University i am going to study IT as my main core. It will teach me about the same stuff to refresh my mind but teach me about how to connect a server throughout a massive distance (Example: Internet connection to a state) and all the main core stuff i need to know to program successfully in the future.
[people who making a apply list mustn't have begg anything in the game.]

Do you visit the forum often? :
Yes i visit the forum for 1 hour every morning and afternoon (Just created account today). but i usually browse through topics other people post and see the problems they come across in this server.

PS: I live in australia so im on a different shift time from use american's. This is good if u want the server to be watched overnight be me (it'll be day for me Razz)

Timezone: GMT +10 Brisbane
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DJ-Elite's GM Application
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