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 Maiko's App <Example Applycation>

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I made A Few PoSt's
I made A Few PoSt's

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PostSubject: Maiko's App <Example Applycation>   Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:27 am

Name : Maiko
IGN : Maiko
Location/Timezone: South Korea UTC/GMT +9 hours
Age : 17
Experience being a Game Master (GM) : My experience being a game master is equal to none, having said this i must add that despise the fact of my lack of experience being an in game moderator aka GM, is compensated by my humble wish to enrich the quality of the game that is provided to our community; by helping to create a better atmosphere for everyone in both fun and fair manner.

How long have you been playing DBZMS : 1-2 months or so.

How much do you know about DBZMS? : I know that DBZMS is one of the best servers out there, like i've stated before; the server coded by Lance over exceeded my expectations to the point that i got hooked by the wonderful environment that is given to new players and also to our elder players as well (being one i know), to keep you interested in the server and it's huge variety of great addons. In short, i am acknowladge of most of the aspects within and without the server.

Why would you want a to be a GM?: Great question; Is my burning desire to help our comunity to become better than any other, i've stated before that i did not wanted or wished to become an in game moderator, but after detecting some irregularities within the game; i must say i got a change of heart, is within my deepest wishes to put aside my lazyness for the best of the community that i got in love with, by becoming and in game moderator I will do my best to find out and to remove any unfair advantage taking place that make our gameplay degrades for all of us.

Is there any good points for you to become a GM?: If i had to point out some good aspects that are required to be a GM, my personal values and knowledge adding the time i can spend to the community that are required to be a GM (no lifer?) no i do go out, but i do know that GM's are needed to be active and i play a lot being a part of the top10 i know such things. In short, the time i can offer for the better of the server and everyone in it.

About myself : I am a girl that knows what hard work is, i been working since I was 12 right now working in a coffee shop; with my 17 years of life i know what is meant to work as part of a team and the values that it requires to be part of one as i state below:

1. Listening to each other with an open mind without interruption
2. Sharing knowledge, information and experience with those who can benefit
3. Taking key decisions based on reasoning not rank
4. Expressing concerns only to those responsible for dealing with them
5. A responsibility culture not a blame culture
6. Basing our work on the "Customer" in this case the "Player"
7. Striving for continuous improvement
8. Behaving with integrity
9. Positively challenging dishonesty or destructive behaviour
10. No ego

Giving my personal knowledge to the best of this community is my earnest wish to make DBZMS server a far better place that it is now; but everything can always improve to get better and better; with personal values, hard work and the feelings to give yourself for a better ideal, i present myself as small as it can be for becoming one GM in this marvelous server , me a simple 17 year old girl from South Korea, that wishes nothing else but to serve and protect this beautiful community.

Thank you very much for taking the time of reading this application that probably make you bored. I appreciate the effort. With nothing else to add, i take my leave. Thanks again.
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PostSubject: Re: Maiko's App <Example Applycation>   Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:33 am

lol after my app, the apps got more formal here lol
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Mod from the dark side, They have cookies
Mod from the dark side, They have cookies

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PostSubject: Re: Maiko's App <Example Applycation>   Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:00 am

read and closed



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Admin wHo KiLLeD SHIYU
Admin wHo KiLLeD SHIYU

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PostSubject: Re: Maiko's App <Example Applycation>   Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:15 pm

Stickied To let them see how a good example look like. Cool


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PostSubject: Re: Maiko's App <Example Applycation>   

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Maiko's App <Example Applycation>
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